Examples of Productions

  • Broadcast documentaries and breaking news for BBC, Channel 4, ITV. Video
  • Wedding Videos and Special Occasions. Video
  • Conference and Presentations. Video
  • Pilot Programmes. Video
  • Documentaries. Video
  • Internet Production and Promotional Web Films. Video
  • Training and Instructional Programmes.Video


Production needs vary but below are some examples of the facilities and crews that are available.

  • Single Cameraman - Operating DVCam or High Definition camera.
    Reporter lighting kit, Radio Microphone, XLR cables and tripod. This kind of crewing is used mainly for news gathering and special events. The equipment is light weight and can be carried on bus or tube train. A very cost effective way of filming in busy cities.
  • Two Camera Crew - Operating a single DVCam or HD camera, with microphones, lighting, tripod and assistant to help with sound and general location issues. Ideal for interviews and more compicated single camera shoots, where more organisation is needed. Vox pops, set up shots,special events.
  • Two Camera Crew - Conferencing, Live events, Theatre Shows.
    Two DVCam or HD cameras, two camera persons, lights, XLR cables, microphones, tripods, radio microphones. Assistant and Presenter.
    A variety of combinations, eg. A presenter on radio mic with one camera in conference hall, whilst the other camera covers the main conference hall and stage presentation.
  • Full Outside Broadcast unit - News stories sporting events, Live Conference
    Full crew and kit capable of editing and shooting live events on location and beaming them to wherever is required.

Clients Include

  • BBC News 24
  • Channel 4 News
  • Mouchel Parkman
  • London Probation
  • ITV
  • Independent Productions
  • Deloitte
  • Phillips
  • Europe Direct
  • Talkback
  • Grosvenor Films
  • Pro.Com
  • Mar.Com
  • BT Broadband
  • Arthritis Care
  • Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • Wiltshire NHS Trust
  • London Probation Service